Greetings from the Welcome Center

WelcomeCenterThe Welcome Center located in the lobby of Main Building is now up and running. One of the objectives of the Welcome Center is to ensure that any engagement with a visitor, faculty or student is always a positive experience. The Welcome Center invites the OLLU community to partner in this effort by providing advance notice of events, e.g., conference, seminar, guest speaker, etc. The benefit to making the Welcome Center aware of an event is twofold:

  • Notice assures that the Welcome Center Coordinator and volunteers are prepared to promptly direct or escort guests to the correct campus location.
  • Guests will arrive on time and ready to take part in the event.

It is requested that an email be sent to the Welcome Center at one week prior to the event with the subject line Campus Event and provide the following information:

  • Name of event
  • Location
  • Time of event
  • Name of the point of contact for event
  • Phone number of the point of contact for event

To give notice of a cancellation, contact Ruchelle Flores, Welcome Center coordinator, at 210-434-6711, ext. 4093 or or email

The assistance of the OLLU community is appreciated as this collaborative approach allows for all staff and faculty to contribute to reinforcing a culture that is oriented toward service.