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OLLU presents 10th Annual BIG BLUE All-Sports Athletic Banquet

Our Lady of the Lake University is proud to present the 10th Annual BIG BLUE All-Sports Athletic Banquet – Virtual Edition. The university is proud of all of its athletes, teams, coaches and staff for all of their accomplishments during the 2020-2021 athletic season. Congratulations to everyone.

Click on the link to view the banquet video on YouTube:

Water well repairs set for today, cafeteria will be closed

Repair work on the university water well will take place today, June 14, causing water outages in the buildings listed below. In addition, the cafeteria will be closed all day. Affected buildings:

Main Building

Moye Hall

Providence Hall

St. Ann’s

Griffith Fine Arts Building

Sculpture Studio


Thiry Auditorium

The repair work is expected to take at least half a day and could last the full day. Employees who work in these buildings will need to use restroom facilities in nearby buildings and obtain drinking water from other areas of campus or bring bottled water from home.

Staff changes at OLLU

The following employees recently joined OLLU

Brett Charlton: Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country/Track and Field Assistant Coach

Maria Perez: Accountant

Thank you to the following for their service

Nicole Rodriguez: Residence Life Coordinator

Kristi Johnson: Writing Tutor

Raquel Moncado” Director of User Support Services

Melissa Narcisi: Operations and Processing Manager

Jesusa Pena” Custodian

Susie Herrera: Custodian

Amanda Medina: Academic and Clinic Operations Manager

Elisha Diaz: Help Desk Support Technician Specialist

Guadalupe Sinyard: Assistant Director of Residence Life

Sofia Saenz: Financial Aid Counselor

Daniel Oughton: Men’s and Women’s Assistant Soccer Coach

Mike Hernandez: Custodian

Glenn Vogelpohl: Financial Aid Counselor

Hilario Calanche: Police Officer

Cynthia Lopez: Registrar Associate I

Rosa Rivera-Hainaj: Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Rocio Portales: Clinical Counselor

OLLU to host vaccine clinic

OLLU will host a vaccine clinic on June 3 in the University Wellness and Activities Center (Room 112) from 3:30-5:30 p.m. It is open to the university community, family members and area residents.

Below are key details:

• UT Health will provide either Johnson and Johnson or Pfizer vaccines. Those who receive vaccines must return on Saturday, June 26, between 3:30-5:30 p.m. for a second shot if Pfizer is selected.

• Photo identification is required. Those who have medical insurance are asked to bring their medical insurance card. This vaccine clinic does not require any out-of-pocket expense.  

Click here to sign up online by June 1, or scan the QR code below with your smart phone camera.

While OLLU is not requiring students, faculty and staff to receive the vaccine, it is strongly encouraged.

New guidelines for face coverings

With the new guidance on face coverings provided by the CDC, OLLU will no longer require face coverings in any outdoor spaces for individuals who are vaccinated. People who have not received the vaccine can go without a face covering outdoors if they are able to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet.

Everyone still must wear face coverings indoors in common spaces such as hallways, restrooms, etc. The university will phase out the use of face coverings for vaccinated individuals indoors as we develop a better understanding of vaccination rates on campus. The goal will be to phase out face coverings for vaccinated individuals by or before Sept. 1, 2021.

Anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a face covering should feel free to do so. In addition, those who have not been vaccinated should continue to wear a face covering when they cannot be isolated from others.

OLLU celebrates OLLU this summer

To celebrate OLLU this summer, the Communications and Marketing Office is looking to share inspirational stories about alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Members of the OLLU community who have overcome adversity to fulfill a dream, accomplished a goal, won an award or secured a promotion or have gotten married, became a parent or received some other good news, OLLU wants to know. Some of these stories might wind up on the OLLU or Alumni website or possibly on one of OLLU’s social media platforms. It might even get picked up by the media. OLLU looks forward to hearing from the community. Fill out this form and let OLLU know your story! #OLLUCelebratesOLLU

Professor Khan offers valedictory upon retirement

Hamid Khan, PhD, Professor of Management, wrote the following valedictory to Our Lady of the Lake University after his retirement:

“Everything has changed lately. Everything. I never thought that writing a valedictory speech would be so difficult. But COVID took away the spirit within me. These are trials and tribulations with which we (and the whole humanity) are being tested. The Test: The test is given by Allah (God) in the following way:

“Have we not ‘enlarged your chest’ for you, oh Muhammad?

and removed from you, your burden,

which weighed heavily down your back,

and raised high, your fame?

So, verily with hardship, there is relief.

Verily, with the hardship there is relief.

So, when you are finished with your preoccupations, then stand up for your Lord’s worship

and to your Lord alone turn all your hopes and aspirations; and give invocations.” 

Quran Chapter 94 Verses (1-8)

The Answer: The answer is also given by Allah (God) in the following way

“1. By Time 2. Verily, man is in a state of loss. 3. Except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and recommend one another to the truth, and recommend one another to patience.” – Quran Chapter 103 Verses (1-3)

 “Such a story calls finally for a declaration of faith. I believe in the power of cooperation of men *(and women) of free will to make men *(and women) free to cooperate; that only as they choose to work together can they achieve the fullness of personal development; that only as each accepts responsibility for the choice, can they enter into that communion of men *(and women) from which arise the higher purpose of individual and cooperative behavior alike. I believe that the expansion of cooperation and the development of the individual are mutually dependent realities and that a due proportion or balance between them is a necessary condition of human welfare. Because it is subjective with respect both to society as a whole and to the individual, what this proportion is, I believe science cannot say. It is a question for philosophy and religion.” – Chester Barnard, the functions of the executive

Fiscal Year-End deadlines approach

The time is now to start considering and planning the University’s Fiscal Year-End, May 31, 2021.  The budget requirements are listed below:

  • All merchandise MUST BE received before Friday, May 21, 2021 to ensure that the invoice will have a May date.
  • Accounts Payable will process invoices with a May date up until June 4, 2021. Forward purchase orders and/or invoices by this date.
  • After June 4, 2021, any invoices with a May date will be processed against the 2022 Fiscal Year Budget.
  • Any invoices with a June date for products ordered in May will be paid out of the 2022 Fiscal Year budget.
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