Staff relocated to better serve students

To better serve adult non-traditional students, the Enrollment Management staff that was housed on the ground floor of Providence Hall has been relocated.

The admission counselors and support staff who assist prospective weekend and online graduate students are now housed in Main Building, Room 106. This includes Veronica Reyna, director of non-traditional graduate admissions; German Medina, graduate recruiter; and Olga Castro, administrative adviser assistant.

Dr. Jeff Kantor, vice president for strategy and research, and the staff of the division, who had been located in Main Building, Room 106, has moved to the ground floor of Providence Hall. The division staff includes Kara Larkan-Skinner, assistant vice president for institutional effectiveness and accreditation; Frances Frey, director of institutional research; Elizabeth Garcia, director of sponsored programs; Malcolm Howard Jones, sponsored program officer; Hung Nguyen, research coordinator; and Celeste Franke, administrative assistant.

Robert Davis and Charles Puente, who serve as advisers for adult non-traditional students, have moved to Main Building, Room 327, to be closer to the School of Business and Leadership. This will allow for better advisement and retention of the students they support.

Elisabeth Jones, who has been working with prospective non-traditional transfer students, has moved to Main Building, Room 417. This move allows Jones to work more collaboratively with Elisa Martinez, transfer coordinator for traditional transfer students.

The admissions processor position which had been housed in the Providence Hall office, will move to Main Building, Room 417B. The position is currently vacant but when it is filled, the individual will be housed with the other members of the Enrollment Management processing/operations staff to allow for cross training and greater efficiencies.

Finally, Tony Botello, admissions counselor for athletes and international students, has moved to Main Building, Room 401. He was formerly housed in Main Building, Room 417B. This move frees space in the processing and operations area and allows for expansion of international recruiting efforts.