Celebrate National Day on Writing with the Writing Center

The Writing Center will be celebrating National Day on Writing this week with a series of events.

  • Tuesday – Diagram Duel – 12:15 p.m. – The Writing Center
    Participants will be able to enter a duel and face off with a faculty member and will be challenged to put together four sentences, with proper punctuation, in four minutes.
  • Wednesday – Grammar Ghost Hunt       -12:15 p.m. – Mall Area
    Participants will join the hunt for five bad grammar ghosts in the Mall Area. If participants can explain why they became grammar ghosts, they will be rewarded.

Students will receive one entry into a drawing for a gift card for each game they participate in this week.

The Writing Center is also launching the Pledge 24 Campaign against procrastination this week. Students will be asked to pledge to seek assistance on assignments at least 24 hours before a deadline. Faculty will also be encouraged to pledge to remind students to seek assistance at least 24 hours before a deadline.