Reminder: Student Assurance Health Insurance will expire July 31

OLLU no longer requires proof of current health insurance as a condition of enrollment (exception: *Student Athletes and **International Students). The current Student Assurance Insurance Policy will terminate on July 31, 2015.

There will be NO automatic enrollment into a health insurance plan (Exception: International Students**).

There will be NO fee on the tuition bill (Exception: International Students**).

There will be NO opportunity to procure health insurance through tuition or financial aid via OLLU (Exception: International Students**).

Individuals who currently carry the Student Assurance Insurance and who desire to have health insurance after July 31, 2015, will need to procure a new policy from the private market place, directly from Student Assurance at or through the Affordable Healthcare website

Students are encouraged to commence research now so that a new policy can be procured and ready to go into effect Aug. 1, 2015.

Students should select a policy that best meets their individual needs, preferences and budget.

Students and/or parents should research options where coverage applies to their home state/county as well as where they attend school.

The 2014 Federal individual mandate requires all Americans to maintain “minimum essential” health insurance coverage.  

*STUDENT ATHLETES:  Proof of current health insurance is required to participate within any OLLU intercollegiate athletic program. No exceptions.

**INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  Mandatory enrollment in Student Assurance is required and will be billed on the student’s billing statement.