OLLU United Way participation increased to 79 percent

OLLU employees donated a total of $23,283

OLLU improved its United Way campaign participation rate by 26 percentage points going from 53 percent in 2016 to 79 percent this year – a record high for OLLU. The total donation increased from $17,463 in 2016 to $23,283 in 2017. A special thanks is extended to the 302 OLLU Employees who contributed to the 2017 United Way workplace campaign philanthropic effort.

Enrollment Management, Institutional Advancement, and Student Life had 100 percent employee participation. Seventy-eight percent of staff contributed to United Way this year. All divisions participated at the 40 percent level or above. These three divisions that reached 100 percent will be treated to a social in January for their commitment to service.

College of Arts and Science (CAS) faculty contributed to United Way at a 97 percent giving level, up from 29 percent last year. CAS faculty will receive a luncheon for their strong efforts. Overall 72 percent of faculty contributed to the United Way giving in 2017. Both the College of Professional Studies and the School of Business and Leadership contributed at a 57 percent level.

On Dec. 13, OLLU will be recognized during the United Way Workplace Final Report Breakfast for the significant increase in participation levels. Results of the United Way San Antonio Higher Education Workplace standings will be announced in the spring. Stay tuned to learn if OLLU is No. 1 in employee participation among San Antonio Higher Education Workplace Campaigns.