Space committee reinstated on campus

The OLLU Space Committee has been reinstated and is being chaired by Karen Reed, assistant vice president for administration.

The committee is charged with addressing campus space needs in a coordinated way. The committee will help ensure that decisions are made in ways that are fair, consistent and align with the university’s strategic and master plans.

The Space Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and approving allocations of new space
  • Helping find space for needs that arise
  • Keeping space inventory (including a list of offices employees are assigned to for safety purposes)
  • Addressing space issues
  • Approving requests for temporary displays

Note: the committee is NOT responsible for classroom space. The Registrar’s Office holds jurisdiction over classrooms.

In order to keep an updated inventory of each employees’ location, the Space Committee must be notified of all moves and reallocation of space before they occur (including moves that happen within a confined suite).

To notify the committee, an email should be sent that includes the following information to

  • Names of individuals moving
  • Office or room numbers involved in the move
  • Effective date

For more information about the Space Committee and how to request new spaces on campus, click here.