Students participated in ‘Walking with the Poor’ internship

The Division of Mission and Ministry received a $10,000 grant from the Congregation of the Mission Western Province to connect first generation college students advocating for the poor and to experience the impact of Saint Vincent de Paul on the world.

Eleven students participated in the program during the spring 2018 semester. Those students are:

  • Chan’Cellare Makanjuola
  • Alyssah Gonzalez
  • Erica Barrera
  • Ana Trevizo
  • Michelle Lizette
  • Jessica Pruneda
  • Pamela Payne
  • Alexis Medrano
  • Angelica Lezo
  • Leslie Hernandez

The 11 students worked alongside the Daughters of Charity in San Antonio’s poorest neighborhoods, both in economic resources and in education. The Daughters of Charity’s neighborhood-based program in south San Antonio, where the students served, has a strong holistic orientation and considers participation and empowerment as an integral dimension of service delivery. Students also served with the Daughters of Charity in offering hospitality and hope to the refugees released from the Dilley Detention Center at the San Antonio Greyhound station.