OLLU launching Saints Overnight Stay pilot program

OLLU has launched the Saints Overnight Stay (SOS) program. Through the program, a free room is now available for employees who need to reserve a room on campus. The room is intended for short-term stays and can be reserved in one-night increments not to exceed three nights per semester.

The SOS room is intended to:

  • Provide lodging to employees who are visiting from other campuses;
  • Serve as a lodging option for guests of the university;
  • Give respite to employees facing long days that include a full work day plus evening, on-campus work commitments; and
  • Provide a room for employees who are working long hours or overnight in preparation for special events

The room can be reserved through the university Event Management System (EMS) and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Refer to EMS for the reservation process, guidelines and other information.