Epilepsy awareness event set for Wednesday

In honor of National Epilepsy Awareness Month, the Services to Students with Disabilities Office, Delta Alpha Pi Epsilon Gamma Chapter, the Epilepsy Foundation and VARA Chevrolet are teaming up to host an epilepsy awareness event on Wednesday from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Providence Hall, West Social Room. During the event, attendees will learn about the different types of seizures and what to do if a friend or classmate were to have a seizure.

Free T-shirts, food, prizes and more will be available.



Our Lady of the Lake University provides reasonable accessibility accommodations for special events with adequate notice. To request disability accommodations for this event please fill out the form at www.ollusa.edu/adapublic at least five business days prior to the event. Current OLLU students should email ada@ollusa.edu to request accommodations for this event.