Recent presentations by OLLU faculty

The following presentations have been made by OLLU faculty members:

Several faculty members from the School of Business and Leadership presented the peer-reviewed paper titled, “An Empirical Investigation into the Correlates of Performance and Potential – Using Psychological Capital, Psychological Ownership and Leadership Styles,” at the annual conference of the Academy of Business Research (ABR) held in San Antonio, Oct. 24-26.

Faculty members included:

  • Hamid Khan, EdD, professor of Management
  • Phyllis Duncan, PhD, professor of Leadership Studies
  • Mark Green, PhD, professor of Leadership Studies
  • Jared Montoya, PhD, associate professor of Leadership Studies

Hamid Khan, EdD, PE, professor of management published a peer-reviewed paper titled, “Predicting Professional Competencies using Measures of Psychological Capital and Psychological Ownership,” in the American Society for Competitiveness (ASC) Journal: Competition Forum (volume 16, number two, 2018, pp. 137-149). He also presented the above paper at the ASC Annual Conference held in Washington, DC, Oct. 25-27, 2018.

Professor Khan also presented a peer-reviewed paper titled, “An Empirical Investigation into the Antecedents, Correlates and Predictors of the American University Professors’ Exceptionalism: Making Sense of Leadership Styles,” at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD), held at Las Vegas, Oct. 21-24, 2018. Professor Khan also served as the session chair of the Education Session and moderated the presentations of this session. He also served as a Discussant of the Education/Education Technology Session. Professor Khan’s research presentation was partially funded by the Provost and VPAA’s Hearst Grant.