Professor Benavides signs on as editor of social equity publication

Yvette Benavides, professor of English, has signed on to be the series editor of “EQ: Creative Nonfiction on Social Equity” with Trinity University Press. The first issue will cover the issue of “Border” and will be out in the spring of 2020. Subsequent issues to be published in the next few years include, “Food,” “City,” and “Climate.” The series features creative nonfiction in all its many forms by a variety of authors. Professor Benavides is also co-author of “San Antonio 365,” which she describes as a social justice history of San Antonio. The book, published by Trinity University Press, will be out in spring 2020. Professor Benavides returned to Yale University earlier this summer to complete the THREAD summer program in multimedia storytelling. She previously participated in the Yale Writers’ Conference in summer of 2016. A long-time radio commentator and book critic, Professor Benavides has also been tapped to create and host a books podcast for Texas Public Radio.