Payroll reminders for Christmas break

Biweekly employees will be paid on Friday, Dec. 27 for pay period Dec. 7-20.

Due to Christmas holiday schedule, the deadline for biweekly employees to enter their time for the Dec. 27 pay date is Tuesday, Dec. 17 by 11:59 p.m. Employees are also reminded to input their anticipated hours for Dec. 18-20, when inputting their time on Dec. 17, otherwise they will not be paid for these hours on Dec. 27.

The deadline for supervisors to review and approve time is Wednesday, Dec. 18 by noon. This will allow the Payroll Office to complete the last biweekly payroll for 2019 in a timely manner.

Monthly employees will be paid Friday, Dec. 20. All payroll changes and adjustments for monthly employees for December pay must be entered by close of business today. Any changes made after that will not be processed in the December payroll.