Today is deadline for pass/fail grading option

Today is the deadline for traditional spring semester students who wish to select the Pass/Fail option for spring semester grades.

Students must complete the appropriate form linked below to request a grade change. Review the information below and the linked list of FAQs  before making a decision.

Request forms

Undergraduate Pass/Fail Request Form  (login may be required)

Graduate Pass/Fail Request Form  (login may be required)

Speak to adviser and financial aid staff

Students are reminded to speak with their adviser and staff from the Financial Aid Office for guidance on grading decisions. Some financial aid and military/veteran benefits may be affected by grading option decisions. In addition, graduate/professional school acceptance and professional licensure may be affected.

Pass/fail option

  • The grade necessary for a pass grade is dependent on the particular course and student type.
  • If an undergraduate student is taking a course to fulfill General Education requirements, a D- or above is needed to receive a pass grade. If an undergraduate student is taking a course to fulfill a major or minor requirement, a C- or above is needed to earn a pass grade.
  • Graduate students must earn a grade of B or above to earn a pass grade.
  • A grade of pass will not be calculated into the Grade Point Average (GPA); a grade of Fail will be calculated into the GPA as an F. If a student repeats and passes the course at a later time, the F would no longer count toward the cumulative GPA.

Incomplete option

The rules for granting an incomplete in a course are being relaxed. Previously, students were required to complete at least 75 percent of coursework before an incomplete could be granted. Under the policy for this semester, faculty will have greater flexibility in granting an incomplete.

Note for Graduating Students: An incomplete will delay the conferred date of your degree.