OLLU Announces the Community Standards for Sexual Misconduct Task Force

Beginning this week, the university is forming the OLLU Community Standards for Sexual Misconduct Task Force (“Task Force”) to overhaul the current Title IX Policy and Grievance Procedures through a community-based approach that is consistent with our core values.

Led by the Title IX Coordinator, the Task Force will include representatives from the Student Government Association, Faculty Assembly, Staff Organization, Mission and Ministry, Counseling, OLLUCares, University Police, Human Resources, and Student Affairs. These members will build on the work that the Title IX Office began in 2019 to prepare for state and federal law changes. In May 2020 the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights mandated new laws related to Title IX be implemented by Aug. 14, 2020.  

In addition to these changes, the Task Force will collaborate to define other types of sexual misconduct not covered by Title IX that violate OLLU community standards, identify supportive measures and determine appropriate grievance processes and related sanctions. The Task Force will hold open forums as well as invite third party organizations for input and insight throughout the process. The Task Force will also make recommendations for community education and training programs related to sexual misconduct.