Statement by OLLU faculty

In response to worldwide calls to dismantle institutionalized racism led by the Black Lives Matter Movement and recent sharing of sexual assaults and harassment at our campus, we, the faculty of Our Lady of the Lake University who serve you as professors, teachers, advisors, and mentors, stand with you against all harmful forces including sexual assault and harassment, racism, sexism, colorism, prejudice, xenophobia, heterosexism, colonialism, ableism, ageism, cisgenderism, classism, religious oppression, and violence.

Our Lady of the Lake University is our space, a learning community where we celebrate community and service with trust and integrity. In the classroom and in all campus spaces, you have our commitment to be present, to listen, and to engage with you guided by the mission and values of the founding order of the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence.

With absolute clarity, we condemn all forms of race- or sex and gender-based violence, be that violence perpetuated against others secondary to race, ethnicity or nationality, peaceful protesters, or survivors of sexual assault.

Our values center on the dignity of the human person and human rights. We call for justice and pray for healing for those who suffer on a daily basis from the detrimental effects of oppression, criminalization and policing, social and economic marginality, and unequal access to resources.

And we the OLLU faculty vow at this time to come together during the 2020-2021 academic year, in collaboration with active student organizations who share our values, to create an actionable plan whereby specific measures are implemented in the name of universal and university solidarity so as to properly address societal and campus disparities such as race, class and economic division, as well as oncampus sexual predation.

We reaffirm our commitment to each one of you and to your families as we walk with those who are suffering, and we walk with you in the classroom and beyond with words and actions to make OLLU a safe space for ALL. We also confirm our commitment to the implementation of concrete policies, training, and educational programs to ensure that the university is a safe and inclusive place where all students can learn and thrive.

We promise to continue working and raising our voices with intention and purpose; thereby holding ourselves accountable, in order to sustain your trust. And we invite the OLLU student population to enter this discussion looking forward to proposed and then implemented changes that support all peoples of all sexes, genders, races, and ethnicities. In no uncertain terms, OLLU faculty stands hand-inhand with OLLU students and the populace at large, and we are accountable to you and to each other.

May Providence be with you in peace, in strength, in gentleness, in love, in courage, and in action.

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