Phase II Plan Update

Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases, the university is adjusting its original plans for Phase II. Instead of gradually increasing the number of employees on campus, the adjusted Phase II which begins on July 7 — will focus on preparing areas that have not yet had the opportunity to visit campus to assess their needs for the fall.

Individuals who were originally scheduled to return to campus as part of Phase II are no longer required to do so unless they are instructed to do so by their supervisor. Supervisors should communicate directly with employees when they will need to come to campus. Supervisors should work to create a rotating schedule to ensure social distancing can be maintained. 

Phase II employees coming to campus should email by noon the day before visiting campus. Police will send an email with a screening survey and directions for visiting the screening station upon arrival to campus.

During Phase II, the university is asking all department chairs and supervisors who have not already done so to conduct an on-campus assessment to identify necessary work-area modifications needed as a result of the pandemic, as well as the needs for COVID-related supplies.

Requests for supplies and work-area modifications must be submitted to vice presidents or chiefs of divisions by Friday, July 10. Some supplies are taking longer to be delivered, so it is important to get requests in now.

The university has already placed an order for face coverings, sanitizer and cleaning solution. It is not necessary to add these to requests for individual areas. In addition, a large number of face shields for use by faculty who will be teaching face-to-face classes have been ordered.

Phase I volunteers may continue to come to campus on their regular schedule. They should continue to stop at the screening station before proceeding to their offices/work areas.