OLLU junior speaks at national web event for bilingual education students

Junior Julieanna Luna recently represented OLLU and the Bilingual Student Education Organization (BESO) during a national webinar, “Voices From The Field #3: BESO: Future Bilingual Teachers as Advocates and Leaders.”  

The one hour webinar, held on July 21 as a Facebook Live Event on the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) Facebook page, featured Luna and seven other students sharing their stories and aspirations as future bilingual educators.

“This current pandemic has helped me realize that I really want to be the teacher who motivates my students to learn in any setting that they may be in,” said Luna, an Education EC-6 major with Bilingual Education certification. “I really want to help bilingual students take pride in being able to understand and communicate in more than one language.”

A video replay of the webinar is available here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=738979666858605&ref=watch_permalink

Luna served as BESO historian during the past school year.

“I do plan to pursue a leadership position for this coming year as well,” she said. “Once I have graduated from OLLU, I will be certified to teach students from Early Childhood Pre-K to 6th grade.”

Belinda Schouten, PhD, OLLU Professor of Education, helped BESO establish its first national Special Interest Group (SIG) at NABE in 2013. Dr. Schouten serves as adviser for OLLU BESO and co-chair for the NABE BESO SIG.