Professor, Councilwoman Garcia advocates for workforce initiative

Assistant Professor of Marketing and District 4 City Councilwoman Adriana Rocha-Garcia, PhD, delivered an impassioned speech to City Council on Thursday, advocating for a workforce initiative to be placed on the November ballot.

Dr. Rocha-Garcia’s advocacy was rewarded when City Council voted 9-2 to ask voters in November to approve a one-eighth cent sales tax for workforce development and education. 

The proposal would raise $154 million to create new or better jobs for 40,000 people over the next four years.

To bolster her case for the initiative, Dr. Rocha-Garcia cited the work of the Sisters of Divine Providence and quoted an OLLU colleague, Karina Gil, PhD, Director of the Worden School of Social Service.

“I’d like to share the words Our Lady of the Lake University Faculty Assembly President Karina Gil delivered on Tuesday,” Dr. Rocha-Garcia said. “She shared ‘that the Sisters of Divine Providence had the radical idea to provide education to women and girls, at a time in history when that opportunity was only available to a few selected women. Their idea became a statement, and a statement became action.’ Their action, Gil stated, continued despite ‘global wars, the flu pandemic, the Great Depression and while many called for peace and fought for their civil rights.’

“Gil reminded us that these women were a group who cared about what was happening around them and took a stand. She reminded us that here we are again in a year ‘when the world is dealing with a major pandemic that has affected many in our community disproportionately, a year in which many in our community are still fighting for their basic human dignity and civil rights and fighting to eradicate societal illnesses, and in a year when, globally, the concept of leadership has been questioned more than ever.'” 

To read Dr. Rocha-Garcia’s comments in full, go to the following link:

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