Celebration of faculty scholarship and achievement

OLLU faculty continues to be recognized for their scholarship and achievement. Below is a listing of professors and their recent accomplishments: 

Carol Rownd, PhD, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies, Esther Gergen, PhD, Professor of Leadership Studies, and Jennifer Bendele, Director of the Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism, recently presented at the Academy of Business Research Conference. Their presentation titled, “Service-Learning Curriculum and Collaboration as a Tool for Teaching Principles of Leadership,” earned the Best Paper/Presentation Award for the conference.

Debbie Healey, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, was invited by The American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship Program to become a member of the Training Advisory Committee 2021–2024.

Bernadette Solórzano, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Dr. Healy and Kristen O’Donnell, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology: “Taking the ‘isms’ Out of Diagnostic Labels.” Presented at The Diversity Conference: Goodbye “isms” Hello Future! at Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts in October.

Brittany Anne Chozinski, PhD, Assistant Professor of Sociology, and student Alyssah Gonzalez wrote, “Using Georeferenced Photo-Elicitation Projects to Understand Survivor Resources: A Method For Trauma-Informed Practice In Higher Education.” The paper was published in the Journal of American College Health in November.

Hamid Khan, PhD, Professor of Management, presented “American Exceptionalism: A Curious Investigation into Correlation, Prediction and Regression Between ‘Affiliation with Type of University’ and ‘Research Effectiveness’ of University Professors” at International Conference of the Academy of Business Research (ABR) in October.

Dr. Khan also presented, “Investigation into Follower Satisfaction, Extra Effort, and Effectiveness,” at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD) virtual conference in0 October.

Leda Barnett, PhD, Professor of Political Science, delivered, “Customizing Honors Admissions Strategies to Maximize Inclusion” at the National Collegiate Honors Council annual conference as the meeting’s featured presentation in October.

Dr. Barnett has also been in the media’s November Election coverage: https://www.ksat.com/news/politics/2020/09/28/ollu-professor-first-presidential-debate-a-wild-card/

Jerrie Smith Jackson, PhD, Professor of Education, Alycia Maurer, PhD, Associate Professor of Education, Belinda Schouten, PhD, Professor of Education, Belinda Granados, MEd, and Lucinda Juarez, PhD, Assistant Professor of Education, presented “#Teachers Can: Adapting Instruction and Utilizing Technology Tools During the Pandemic” and “Piloting EdTPA: Using Improvement Science to Enhance Our Journey” during Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education’s virtual conference in October. TEA recognized the latter presentation in their November newsletter.

Dr. Lucinda Juarez, the Education Program’s new literacy faculty member, also has a chapter in a book that will be released this month:

Swoyer, J. G. , Claeys, L., Flores, B.B., Treviño García, C, Juárez, L. M., Santillán, L. , and Sohn, L. “Mentoring the Mentors: Developing Culturally Efficacious Educators within a Residency Model in P. E. Bernhardt, T. R. Conway and G. M. Richardson (Eds.).” Collaborative Models for Clinical Practice: Reflections from the Field, 73–84. Association of Teacher Educators: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. 

Miriam Gonzalez Garcia, graduate student, and Eva Nwokah, PhD, Professor of Communication Disorders, presented “Social-cognitive aspects of anthropomorphism in children’s literature” at the National Social Science Conference in October.

Presentations by Worden School Faculty at the CSWE 66th Annual Program Meeting.

Kimberly Gallegos, PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Work, and Karina Gil, PhD, Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of the Worden School of Social Service, “Moving a BSW Program Fully Online: Lessons Learned and Learning. Leading Critical Conversations: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” https://www.cswe.org/Events-Meetings/2020-APM

Joy Patton, Assistant Professor of Social Work, and Dr. Gil (November 16-20): “The Role of Critical Conversations in developing Moral Courage and Advocacy Skills. Leading Critical Conversations: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”  https://www.cswe.org/Events-Meetings/2020-APM

Tony Bobadilla, PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Work, and Dr. Gil, “Experiencias De Padres Latinos con Adolescentes con Trastorno Del Espectro Autista (TEA).” Leading Critical Conversations: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. https://www.cswe.org/Events-Meetings/2020-APM

Alegnta Shibikom, PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Work, and Dr. Bobadilla,  “Financial Knowledge, Financial Inclusion, and Household Financial Practices among Low-Income Families.” Leading Critical Conversations: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion https://www.cswe.org/Events-Meetings/2020-APM

Other Worden presentations:

Dr. Shibikom and Dr. Bobadilla, T., “Financial Capability and Parent’s Involvement In Children’s Education In Low-Income Families. A Vision for the Future: Maximizing Social Impact.” The Network for Social Work Management. 2020 Annual Management Conference. https://socialworkmanager.org/programs/annual-management-conference/

Kathy Phoenix, LCSW, Assistant Clinical Professor of Social Work, “Depression and Anxiety in Older Adults.” OASIS – San Antonio, Texas. 

Worden faculty publications:

Erika Hildebrandt, doctoral student, R.J. Gomez, and Dr. Shibikom, (In press): “Addressing Poverty And Child Welfare Through Early Intervention: Project LAUNCH.” Child Welfare Journal.

Dr. Shibikom, “Affordable Care Act: Implications for Recent Permanent Residents.” Journal of Health Science Education 4(4), 1–5. 

Aimee Villarreal, PhD, Associate Professor of Mexican American Studies, was selected by the Secretary of Education of New Mexico to serve on a committee of scholars who will be redesigning the K-12 Social Studies Standards.

Her animated documentary, “Frontera! Revolt and Rebellion on the Rio Grande,” won the Virginia Dares Cinematic Arts award for decolonizing/re-indigenizing media. The film is also being featured on the Southwest Association of Indian Arts website as part of their winter market and Native Storytelling programing.