1098-T statement will be provided electronically by Jan. 31

This year all 1098-T statements will be provided electronically. Statements will not be mailed to students.

The 1098-T Tuition statements will be available by Jan. 31. The statement is an Internal Revenue Service form that taxpayers use to determine eligibility for claiming Education Tax Credits.

OLLU partners with Heartland ECSI to electronically distribute 1098-T statements to students. After Jan. 31, students will be able access, view, and/or print the statement by visiting Heartland ECSI website. The following information will be required to gain access to the website:

* First and last name

* Social security number

* Zip code that appears on the 1098-T form

For questions, contact the Student Business Office at ollu1098T@ollusa.edu or call 210-431-3944. Information and FAQs also are available at www.ollusa.edu/1098T.