OLLU Wings Up Employee Giving Campaign starts this week

For 125 years OLLU’s strength has been rooted in its core values, its faith in Providence and its commitment to serve others. OLLU faculty, staff and administration are the university’s greatest advocates in promoting its values and supporting its mission to transform its students. Today, there can be an even greater impact in the lives of those OLLU serves through the newly launched OLLU Wings Up Employee Giving Campaign, which continues through April 16.

In commemoration of OLLU’s 125th anniversary, and in an effort to meaningfully express gratitude for the generosity of its employees, OLLU has launched the Wings Up Employee Giving Society.

Any gift of any size during each fiscal year qualifies for enrollment. Each year, members of this society receive a collectible gratitude card/gift. One hundred percent of every dollar contributed through the OLLU Wings Up Employee Giving Campaign directly benefits OLLU’s community. Those interested may choose to designate their gift to one of the following pivotal programs or to any program most meaningful to them.

OLLU Annual Fund – Supports student scholarships as well as areas of campus, such as academic programs, student life, athletics, technology, the library and more.

OLLU Student Emergency Fund – Provides emergency financial support to enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who are unable to meet essential expenses due to temporary or unexpected hardship.

OLLU Planned Giving Program – This program asks that donors keep their legacy alive for generations to come. There are many different ways to do so and the simplest is to designate OLLU as a beneficiary in their will.

The OLLU community’s presence at OLLU is as powerful as its generosity. Together, everyone can demonstrate their belief in OLLU’s students, mission, its 125-year legacy, and OLLU’s hope for the future.

Participation plays an important role in ensuring the university’s success, as well as influencing gifts from corporations and foundations, which consider faculty and staff giving rates when determining their own support for OLLU.

Join OLLU in supporting its students whom they are preparing to be the leaders in their families and communities. They will be the next generation of graduates who carry OLLU’s heritage of service, leadership, and social justice advocacy forward to improve our world.

Together in Providence,

Anne Gomez, Co-Chair, Chief Communications Officer

Phyllis Duncan, Co-Chair, Professor of Leadership Studies 

Ruby Tovar, Co-Chair, Administrative Secretary, Facilities Management

To make a gift via Payroll Deduction, complete this form and return to the Institutional Advancement office: Payroll deduction form.

For questions about the campaign or pledging instructions,contact Diana Cavazos, Director of Annual Giving, dfcavazos@ollusa.edu or Rosanna Luke, Annual Giving Officer, rluke@ollusa.edu.