OLLU birthday recognition opportunity

The Office of Marketing and Communications has been recognizing the birthdays of members of the OLLU community to include students, staff and faculty since August 2020. Those wishing to sign up for recognition should fill out this form: http://www.ollusaintsathletics.com/SIDHelp/form/48.php.

OLLU prides itself in being a close-knit family, and as part of its family, recognizing of the community’s birthdays is a special and unique option for celebrating this special day on social media. Those interested should fill out this form and provide some brief information. Remember to include the type of degree received (BA, MA, PhD, etc.), major (English, Spanish, Math, Biology), graduation year; or title (Professor, Admin Assistant, Vice President, etc.) and department/division/office (Office of the President, Academic Affairs, Physical Plant, etc.). The birth month and date are all that is requested. Plus, please provide a selfie! Once Marketing receives the form, a birthday blessings will be posted to the university’s main social media pages at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OurLadyoftheLakeUniversity

Twitter: @ollunivsatx

Instagram: @ollu_saints

Any questions or concerns, contact Ryan O’Keefe, Office of Marketing and Communications, Sports Information Assistant, at rokeefe@ollusa.edu.