University preparing to work on Providence Hall foundation

The university is preparing for the start of work on the foundation of Providence Hall. 

Due to the scope of work and the disruptions it could cause, it will be necessary to have all parts of the building vacated. Over the next five to seven weeks, all offices located in Providence Hall will be relocated to other parts of campus.

This will necessitate movement of others on campus, as well, to provide appropriate spaces for the displaced offices. In addition, the building will not be available for residence hall space in the fall. This process is beginning now to provide staff and faculty the time needed to get settled before the start of the fall semester.

Facilities Management will be working with each affected office to schedule moves. The following is a list of the affected offices and the space to which they are relocating.

▪ Humanities and Social Science Faculty currently located in Providence Hall will be moving to Main Building, Suites 303 and 202.

▪ The two occupied offices in Main Building, Suite 303, will move to Main Building, Suite 326.

▪ The Wellness Center Staff – Counseling Services, Health Education and Accessibility Services – will move to a suite on the second floor of Walter Student Service Center currently occupied by ITS staff. The ITS staff in that suite will move to another ITS suite across the hall.

▪ The OLLU Cares Office will move to a vacant office on the Garden Level of Moye Hall, Room 009A.

▪ The Post Office will move to the former Print Shop located in St. Ann’s Hall, which is currently vacant. The student mailboxes will be moved to that location, as well.

▪ The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will move to space in Casa Caritas that was recently vacated by the University Events staff. University Events moved to the Durango House, which was vacant.

▪ Plans for the relocation of the lactation room, Veterans Lounge and Meditation Room will be announced at a later time. A timeline for project completion is still being developed and will be shared with the community when available.