Spanish majors complete Summative Research Experience

Photo caption: Left-right: Orianna Isidro, Dr. Maribel Lárraga, Star Hernandez.

Spanish majors Orianna Isidro and Star Hernandez recently completed their Summative Research Experience under the guidance of Maribel Lárraga, PhD, Professor and Head of Spanish and Chair of the Department of Humanities and Sciences (HuSS). 

Hernandez, a double major in Spanish and Mathematics, presented her research titled, “Aprendiendo y enseñando matemáticas en español,” on July 22.

Isidro, who is minoring in Educational Studies, presented her research titled, “12 años de DACA: Membresía por 2 años,” on July 15.

Additionally, they successfully completed the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) through the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language, International Testing. The OPI and WPT are part of the Summative Experience requirement for all Spanish majors.