COVID-19 vaccine/testing update

A special thank you to all who have submitted their COVID-19 vaccine records so far. More than 78% of faculty and 64% of staff have voluntarily submitted vaccine records. Among students, 53% have already submitted their records. Records are still being accepted and can be uploaded through the link below. Students who submit their COVID-19 vaccine record will receive a $100 gift card. Gift cards will be distributed through an Amazon e-link sent to the student’s OLLU email account once vaccine records have been verified. A notice will go out when gift cards are being distributed.

 Submit vaccine record here

All students living in the residence halls have submitted a COVID-19 vaccine record or testing records. Student-athletes also are submitting vaccine or testing records as part of their on-boarding.

Individual notices are going out with information about required testing to all students, faculty and staff who have not submitted COVID-19 vaccine records and who are attending classes, living, working or attending events on campus.