Institutional Priorities approved at Oct. 28 Board of Trustee meeting

Overall, 33 strategic initiatives are planned for implementation throughout the year. These are categorized by the potential for high, medium or low impact based in part on the phase of implementation. Those categorized as high impact have been researched, resources identified and are ready for implementation. The following eight high-impact initiatives define the institutional priorities for this year.

A fuller discussion of all initiatives is available at  Many thanks to all faculty and staff who serve on the strategic planning committees. Their efforts are shaping the university in very tangible ways.

1.2      Establish and Launch New Academic Programs 

2.9      Build Cultural Inclusiveness and Equity 

3.2      Leverage Advisory Boards and Community Partnerships to Strengthen Academic Programs

4.9a    Strengthen Student Enrollment Customer Services 

5.1      Strengthen Advising Intake to Graduation

7.5      Increase Graduate Student Engagement  

8.1      Create Student Engagement Spaces

9.1      Enhance Athletic Structure and Enrollment