Mission and Ministry seeks students to participate in internship program

OLLU undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate in the Scanlan Shadowing Internship Program, where they will spend 60 hours working alongside ordained and vowed religious ministers, learning not only about their mentors’ ministries, but also of their own callings to serve the church.

During the program, students will work in parish ministry, or agencies, offices, or pastoral centers with religious ministers. As part of their mentorship, students will meet with their mentors to discuss the following topics: vocation story, understanding the vowed life and religious congregations and the discernment process. They also will visit the mentors’ motherhouses or rectories to share stories.

Student intern learning objectives include:

•      Learning about the lifestyle of ordained and vowed religious as they live out their vocation in various ministries;

•      Gaining an understanding of challenges and blessings associated with religious life; and

•      Examining the internship experience in light of their own vocation

Qualifications for participants:

  • Must be single (not married)
  • Must be Catholic
  • Must have a passion for ministry
  • Must have reliable transportation

Students who complete the program will receive a taxable stipend of $1,200.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Roxanna Chavez at 210-528-7171 or email rchavez@ollusa.edu to schedule an interview with the director of the program, Gloria Urrabazo. Deadline to schedule an appointment is March 31.