OLLU mourns passing of Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, PhD, (BA 1949), one of OLLU’s most beloved and accomplished graduates, died on Tuesday, March 29 at her home in Houston. She was 94.

A nationally recognized clinician and author, Dr. Woolfolk was a pioneer in language theory and assessment and continued to write and revise new editions of her work until recently.

Dr. Woolfolk developed tests for assessing language disorders in children that helped thousands of clients. She established speech pathology services at three hospitals, served OLLU as a professor and administrator and improved the lives of countless individuals over seven decades.

“The impact Dr. Woolfolk made on OLLU and people around the world cannot be measured,” said OLLU President Diane E. Melby, EdD. “We are proud and grateful for her extraordinary service. Her life, from beginning to end, was truly Providential.”