Men’s tennis participates in Trinity Invitational

The men’s tennis team competed in the Trinity Invitational this weekend. The Saints won six singles matches, while dropping 13; they won four doubles matches while losing four.

Head Coach Dave Watts commented, “The Trinity Invitational was a fantastic opportunity to test our players against solid opponents. Malachi Farley and Michael Canales had a great doubles win against a good Trinity team. Chris Doyal and Murilo Salviato followed up with a good doubles win as well. Angel Morales and Enzo Frequelin grabbed two singles victories in their respective draws. This was a great warmup for the ITA Tournament in two weeks.”

Full results:
Flight 1
Johan Favelin (W1/L1): lost to M. Abbey – 1-6/6-7; defeated G. Fernandez – 4-2 (ret.)

Flight 2
Chris Doyal (W0/L3): lost to E. Liao – 3-6/1-6; lost to C. Whittington – 5-7/5-7; lost to Y. Wantonbec – 3-6/1-0 (ret.)

Enzo Frequelin (W1/L2): lost to P. Lopez – 3-6/4-6; defeated Y. Wattanabe – 6-4/0-6/10-2; lost to C. Whittington – 2-6/0-6

Flight 3
Murilo Salviato (W0/L2): lost to A. Garmendia – 2-6/2-6; lost to A. Dhanani – 6-4/3-6/8-10

Flight 4
Malachi Farley (W2/L1): lost to D. Locke – 2-6/3-6; defeated C. Jurenovich – 6-0/6-0; defeated M. Canales – 8-7 (7-5)

Michael Canales (W1/L2): lost to I. Mamchamdani – 6-7/6-4/5-10; defeated A. Morales – 8-2; lost to M. Farley – 7-8 (5-7)

Angel Morales (W1/L2): lost to R. Chang – 0-6/0-6; lost to M. Canales – 2-8; defeated C. Jurenovich – 6-3/6-0

Flight 1
Johan Favelin/Enzo Frequelin (W1/L2): lost to J. Sasso/A. Garmendia – 0-8; defeated H. Nguyan/A. Dhanani (withdrew); lost to A. Azzalini/C. Goldstein – 6-8

Flight 2
Chris Doyal/Murilo Salviato (W2/L1): lost to R. Ruiz/E. Liao – 7-8; defeated A. Morales/C. Brown – 6-2; defeated C. Whittington/R. Shrestha 8-4

Angel Morales/Connor Brown (W1/L1): lost to N. Dominguez/P. Perego – 0-8; defeated I. Ramahandani/C. Jurenovich 8-2

Michael Canales/Malachi Farley (W0/L0): defeated C. Hunter/C. Whittington – 8-4; lost to R. Chang/D. Locke – 5-8; lost to R. Candelas Ruiz/E. Liao 1-8

What’s next
The Saints compete in the ITA Tournament in New Orleans starting on Sept. 30.