W2s now available digitally on Employee Self-Service

If employees have given electronic consent, their W2s for calendar year 2022 are now available in Employee Self-Service.

Access to Employee Self-Service is available through the new Saints Connect dashboard which is online at saintsconnect.ollusa.edu. It also can be accessed through the university homepage by selecting Menu – Faculty & Staff – Saints Connect. On the Saints Connect dashboard, visit the Employee Self-Service card and select Tax Info. Detailed instructions on how to access your W2 in Employee Self-Service are available online.

OLLU will NOT mail out W2s to current employees who have given W2 electronic consent; employees will have to print their W2s from Self Service.

If electronic consent has NOT been given, W2s were mailed to the address on file with Human Resources. W2s cannot be picked up by current or former employees; the W2s were mailed and postmarked on Jan. 26, 2023.

Payroll will address requests for re-mailing of W2s AFTER Feb. 3, 2023. Please contact payroll@ollusa.edu after this date if you have not received your W2 in the mail.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a change in presentation for employees who participate in the 403b retirement plan. In previous years, Box 12 code E included both employee’s mandatory 3% deferrals to the plan AND an employee’s additional elective deferrals to the plan (if applicable). For 2022 and going forward, Box 12 code E will only include employee’s elective deferrals. Employee’s mandatory 3% will be separated in Box 14 under the description “Mand 403b.” This change was done to provide more transparent information to employees on their types of deferrals to the retirement plan.

If you have questions about your W2, please contact payroll@ollusa.edu.