Summer 2023 textbook and course material adoptions due Wednesday

The deadline for submitting books and materials adoption information for classes this summer is Wednesday.

Depending on the department’s standard procedure, the instructor, program head, or administrative assistant must enter adoptions in Follett Discover by this date to allow time for material to be sourced, processed, and made available to students.

No textbooks needed or using OER (Open Educational Resources)? Your class will appear to be missing its adoption unless you go to Follett Discover and select “I have no materials for this course” or “Only OER material is being used for this course.” If you wish, you may also email the bookstore at to request a notation on the bookstore’s website, such as “Your instructor is using Open Educational Resources for this course.” (Include the course prefix, number, and section in your email message.)

Multiple ISBNs for different formats for your book on the publisher’s website? Enter the ISBN for the US printing (no foreign printings) of the physical book for purchase (not rental) unless you prefer that students have only the digital format.

Undergraduates’ books are part of the OLLU All-Access program, which means they are provided at no additional charge beyond their tuition. If there is a digital option, that is what undergraduate students will receive, even if you enter the ISBN for the physical format.

For graduate classes, if you enter the ISBN for the physical format the bookstore will also provide the various options available for that book (purchase, rental, and/or digital format). However, if you enter the ISBN for the digital version of a book, the physical version will not be made available to students in the bookstore.

Problem accessing your Follett Discover account or have another question? The direct link to Follett Discover is If you do not remember your password, you can click “forgot password” and reset it. If you have trouble after logging in or have other questions, email or phone the bookstore at / 210-431-3932 or campus extension 3932. (Ask for Jennifer or Brandon.)