Uptick in “Phishing” attempts on campus

The university’s ITS division reports that there has been a noticeable uptick in the amount of “Phishing” campaigns directed at the OLLU community. The “Phishing” attacks attempt to get individuals to click on links and enter username and password information. The university community is reminded to be extra vigilant and verify suspicious email, even if it comes from what appears to be an OLLU email address.  Below are examples of what has been seen in the last few days. If you receive similar emails, please delete them from your inbox. 

Everyone is reminded to remain vigilant against suspicious emails, text messages, and phone calls. Remember, never reply to suspicious emails; instead, if you believe the message may be legitimate, contact the sender via an alternate means. Additionally, review the sender information. The display name can be spoofed to appear to be a legitimate sender.

Remember, cyber attackers attempt to get you to take “fast” action in an attempt to get you to bypass your cyber security training. Don’t fall for it! Hover over links in emails to verify they are taking you to where they are claiming. When in doubt, don’t click, go to the location through another route, like the Saints Connect dashboard or a link you have saved in your favorites bar.

If it is something you have not seen before, its likely a phishing attempt. OLLU will always have a lead up and awareness campaign before implementing any new technology or notification paths for our users

If you have questions, or encounter a message you are unsure of, please contact OLLU Information Security Officer, Greg Garza, gjgarza@ollusa.edu 210-431-4085.