Alumnus releases new book about inspiring stories of doctoral students

Entrepreneur and alumnus D. Anthony Miles (MBA) 2003, PhD, has written a new book, “Confessions of a PhD: Tales of Struggles and Success in the Ivory Tower,” a collection of inspiring stories about people who overcame adversity to earn a doctorate.

This inspirational book invites readers into the lives of 12 individuals as they share their unique stories and the adversities they faced while pursuing their doctorate degrees.

The book shares different messages that encompass moments of laughter as well as heartbreak while showcasing both resilience and determination. These journeys from trials and tribulations to triumph are testimonies of the human spirit’s capacity to overcome life’s challenges.

Dr. Miles has vast experience in the business world and is recognized as an award-winning researcher and statistician and a former adjunct professor at OLLU. He has been featured on ABC, FOX and CNN.

His next work is underway. Readers can expect the release of “Confessions of a PhD: Volume 2” in the near future. 

His current book is available in print and digital formats and can be purchased here: