Doctoral student named to 40–under-40 Public Health Class

Erika Martinez, a first-year doctoral student in Leadership Studies, has been named to de Beaumont Foundation’s 40-under-40 Public Health Class of 2023.

The de Beaumont Foundation 40-under-40 in Public Health Class is a structured two-year initiative designed to enhance the expertise of industry professionals. Honorees say they have built a network of supportive professionals and peers, which has advanced their careers.

Martinez has spent 13 years with the City of Laredo Health Department, where she serves as an Assistant Director. Martinez oversees the Health Equity and Family Support Divisions assisting children and their families access services and resources for healthcare needs. 

Focusing on several departments such as human resources, workforce development, fiscal management, and operations, Martinez has developed a broad range of expertise in the field. A Mexican Folklorico dancer, she also has performed in Colombia and Panama.

Martinez’s journey in the public health industry fosters community commitment through innovation. Consistently demonstrating dedication, and continuous learning to make impactful contributions, Martinez embodies the values of community service.