Kyllian Savary competed at NAIA ITA Cup

Kyllian Savary, from the men’s tennis team, finished play at the NAIA ITA Cup on Oct. 14. He qualified for the tournament after winning the NAIA Gulf ITA Regional Championship.

The tournament ran from Oct. 12-15 and his three matches spanned from Oct. 12-14. Savary started with a three set-win over Zoilo Rios from Tennessee Wesleyan University on Oct. 12. He advanced to the quarterfinals on Oct. 13 and lost to Perry Gregg from Notre Dame 6-3, 6-1. Savary’s final match on Ocf. 14 was a loss to Soufiane El Mesbahi from Keiser University yesterday 6-0, 6-4.

Head Coach Dave Watts said, “I’m so proud of what Kyllian accomplished this fall. Advancing to the quarterfinals of nationals is no easy feat. He competed well the whole tournament and his losses were a great learning experience. The losses gave us both a very clear picture of what needs to be improved. He will take a few days off to recover and then start preparing for the spring season.”