OLLU-RGV’s 2nd Annual ‘Trunk or Treat’ leaves a memorable mark

The vibrant spirit of Halloween came alive on Saturday Oct. 21 in La Feria as OLLU-RGV hosted its 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat event. This family-friendly celebration left an indelible mark on the community, showcasing a delightful blend of creativity, fun, and unity. 

Trunk Decorations That Dazzled: 

Participants spared no effort when it came to decorating their car trunks in imaginative and kid-friendly themes. From movie themes, Western front to classic Halloween scenes, the attention to detail and creativity were truly commendable. 

Candy, Snacks and Treats Galore: 

Safety and enjoyment were at the forefront as participants provided a delightful array of pre-packaged candies and treats for the eager trick-or-treaters. Families strolled from trunk to trunk, indulging in sweet surprises. 

Community Spirit in Full Display: 

The heartwarming sense of community was palpable throughout the event, with laughter, smiles, and shared moments. It was a reminder of the power of togetherness and the joy of celebrating as a community. 

Kid-Friendly Costumes Rule the Day: 

Participants and attendees alike embraced the Halloween spirit by donning kid-friendly costumes, enhancing the atmosphere of warmth and joy.