Renowned educator Dr. Laura I. Rendón coming to OLLU Nov. 6

Renowned educator Laura I. Rendón will speak at OLLU on Nov. 6 presenting one session for faculty and staff, one for faculty and one for students.

SESSION I — “Fostering Success for Low-Income, First-Generation Students
Open to all faculty and staff
Nov. 6
12:30-1:45 p.m.
MARC Ballroom

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This session is designed to help faculty and staff work with low-income, first-generation students.  The focus will be on the importance of validating students as capable learners, recognizing and leveraging student assets, and employing a sentipensante (sensing/thinking) approach to teaching and learning that also connects to issues related to equity and justice.

SESSION II —  “Designing A Culturally-Validating Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking Pedagogy)”
Open to faculty, registration required.
Nov. 6
3-5 p.m.
MARC Ballroom
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This workshop will feature an overview of contemporary pedagogies that can foster inclusion, equity, justice and well-being. In particular, Rendon will explain the basic tenets of operating with Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy to address the interconnection and rhythmic balance between intellectual, social, emotional and inner-life skill development. Rendón will feature videos of faculty who foster deep learning while employing prácticas de conocimiento/illuminative knowledge tools (i.e., autoethnography, socially-driven art, photography, guided imagery, audio narratives, music and periods of reflection).

SESSION III — “Overcoming Challenges and Employing Strengths to Succeed in College
Open to all students
Nov. 6
6:30-7:30 p.m. (Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
Thiry Auditorium
No registration required

This session will present the key challenges first-generation, low-income students face in college and how students can overcome them.  Students will also learn personal strengths which can be employed to succeed in college, the importance of establishing validating relationships, and the need to learn the college learning culture.

The McNair Scholars Program, Center for Mexican American Studies and Research, Center for Women in Church and Society, HuSS Department, Title V PODER Grant, THECB Grant, and 1st Gen. and Tri Alpha Student Organizations are sponsoring Dr. Rendon’s visit.

To learn more about Dr. Rendón, visit: For questions, contact