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Spirit Teams participate in traditional ‘Living the Legacy’

The Spirit Teams had their traditional “Living the Legacy” event on Thursday, Aug. 5 with Vice President for Mission and Ministry Gloria Urrabazo.

This event was created to educate incoming student-athletes on the Cheer and Dance teams about the Sisters of the Congregation of Divine Providence, founders of OLLU. The sisters built the university and give purpose to its Core Values within the athlete and the teams. Our Lady of the Lake University is a Catholic community with faith in a Provident God at its roots. The quality of its relationships defines its work toward the Mission and the Vision. OLLU’s Core Values reflect what the university believes and live in their daily lives as Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and administration of Our Lady of the Lake University. The four Core Values are as follows:


We are a community who values and expects: Respect for diversity of experience, thought and expression; Transparency and accountability; and 

Productivity, creation and innovation.


We engage in consistent, professional practice through our relationships that involve: Honesty, openness, and ethical behavior; and Congruence between ideals and behavior.


We recognize our individual and collective roles and responsibilities. As loyal and contributing members of the University, we demonstrate: Conscientiousness in performing our duties; Accountability to one another; and Responsibility for University resources.


We are called to share our resources through: Use of our personal skills and knowledge for the benefit of others; and Promotion of the common good of the University and external communities.

Gloria offered a journal to all athletes for prayer and reflection as they face hardship and triumphs throughout their college journey.

Cheer and Dance Head Coach Crystal Brock said, “It’s a great event we started last year. In this sacred ceremony, there is a blessing for each athlete and the coaches. It’s an emotional time for our students.”

Brock commented, “The Spirit athletes embraced all the OLLU traditions and learned about our history with guest speaker Gloria Urrabazo in our beautiful Sacred Heart Chapel.”