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‘Noche De Mas’ will celebrate work of students, faculty in field of Mexican American Studies

The community is invited to “Noche De MAS” on Thursday from 6-8 p.m. in Chapel Auditorium. The event will celebrate the work of students and faculty in the field of Mexican American Studies at OLLU. Students and faculty will share presentations on the work they are doing in their courses within the Comparative Mexican American Studies Program. Light refreshments will be served

For additional information, please contact Dr. Christopher Carmona at ccarmona@ollusa.edu.

Dr. Villarreal nominated to federal committee 

Aimee Villarreal, PhD, Associate Professor of Comparative Mexican American Studies, has been nominated to serve on the Advisory Committee for Reconciliation in Place Names. 

The committee nomination is for a federally appointed position to review the names of national parks to ensure they are not offensive to Indigenous people and to change those that are in collaboration with local communities.

Nominated by U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, Dr. Villarreal is completing background checks before her appointment can be confirmed later this month.

“I am thrilled to be nominated to serve on the Advisory Committee for Reconciliation in Place Names and to work with one of my heroes, Secretary Deb Halaand, the first Native American Secretary of the Interior,” Dr. Villarreal said. “I have a personal connection to wilderness areas as well as historic monuments and archeological sites. 

“My father was the Deputy Director of the New Mexico State Parks for 23 years, and I was raised with a deep appreciation for the natural environment and the preservation of cultural heritage. I think I became an anthropologist for this reason.” 

Campus community invited to attend ‘Mr. Zoot Suit’ lecture today

The Mexican American Studies class of Professor Aimee Villarreal, PhD, invites the campus community to attend a “Mr. Zoot Suit” lecture on today at 11 a.m. in Worden School Building, Room 6.

OLLU Housekeeping Supervisor Moses Porras (BA 2015) will deliver a multimedia lecture on the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943 and the contemporary Pachuco/a subculture and style. 

An exciting and colorful entertainer, Porras performs with the Pachuco Boogie Dance Company. He is featured in the documentary, “Zoot Suit,” an award-winning film produced by OLLU alumna Chan’Cellore Makanjoula (BA 2018).

The film tells the story of Porras, a gifted performer in his youth in California. After putting his dreams on hold, Porras followed his passion to pursue dancing and educating others about the history of the Zoot Suit while working and completing a degree at OLLU.  

To watch via WebEx, go to: https://ollusa.webex.com/meet/amvillarreal

For more information, contact Dr. Aimee Villarreal at amvillarreal@ollusa.edu.

Professor Villarreal presented ‘Sanctuaryscapes’ as Visiting Scholar at UNM

Aimee Villarreal, PhD, Associate Professor of Mexican American Studies, presented, “Sanctuaryescapes in the New Mexico Borderlands,” on July 29 as a Visiting Scholar at the University of New Mexico (UNM).

A Santa Fe, N.M. native, Dr. Villarreal introduced a time-traveling concept, Sanctuaryscapes, to illuminate distinct mobilizations of sanctuary in the New Mexico borderlands from church asylum and indigenous regions of refuge during the Spanish colonial period, to the radical 1980s faith-based sanctuary movements that inspired the establishment of sanctuary cities and states, to immigrant-led social justice and religious revitalization movements today.

Villarreal a Visiting Research Scholar at University of New Mexico

Aimee Villarreal, PhD, Associate Professor of Mexican American Studies, is participating in the University of New Mexico’s Scholars-in-Residence Program as a short-term Visiting Research Scholar for the Summer 2021 term.

Dr. Villarreal is completing revisions to her book, “Sanctuaryscapes in the New Mexico Borderlands,” which traces diverse mobilizations of sanctuary in New Mexico and the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas border regions. 

The eight-week residency allows Dr. Villarreal to secure community feedback and permissions to publish her book.