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Inaugural OLLU Halo Club launches

Hear from Athletic Director Shane Hurley: https://youtu.be/deb37UJEuUM

The Athletic Department is excited to announce the OLLU Halo Club, a booster club for capital projects benefiting the 17 sports teams.

Since 2007, more than 2,300 student-athletes worldwide have shared a singular experience – uniting as one to represent OLLU as learners and leaders. In the first years, 50-100 student-athletes competed at OLLU – a number that has grown to nearly 400 today – and all are driven by excellence and fostering a community of faith and service. OLLU Athletics proudly provides meaningful experiences to all of its student-athletes resulting in developing champions on the field and throughout the community.

OLLU continues to seek strategic improvements to the Athletic Department, including scholarship endowment and facility upgrades, to ensure the program’s continual growth and prosperity. All are welcome to join the OLLU Halo Club as inaugural members as the university pushes forward to its goals for thousands of student-athletes who will join the community in the years to come.

There are four different partnership opportunities featuring benefits according to athletics’ annual gifts that correspond with the giving levels as follows:

Commitment Level ($200), Devotion Level ($500), Virtue Level ($1,500) and Sanctity Level ($5,000-above). Before the end of November, those who join will receive the next-level Saints gear package as annotated on the OLLU Halo Club page.

Donors’ generous gifts will foster growth at OLU and its athletics program. The funds will go toward capital projects and sport-specific restricted and unrestricted projects.