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Mandatory training for employees

As part of OLLU’s continued efforts to provide a robust compliance training program, faculty and staff are required to participate in a campus-wide training initiative to reduce or prevent incidents of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and other types of inappropriate or discriminatory behavior on OLLU’s campuses. This training also includes information about campus safety, data security, protecting privacy rights and communicating this information to the appropriate university officials. All OLLU employees are expected to know and understand the university’s policies related to these areas and to abide by them. OLLU believes that all human beings are inherently sacred and deserve dignity and respect. Every community member is expected to be respectful in all interactions as part of the learning experience. 

OLLU provides the following online training modules to help employees learn how to recognize and prevent these issues from occurring on campus. 

Additionally, these training programs support OLLU’s compliance with regulatory agencies governing the practices of higher education institutions. 

This training is mandatory for all full-time and part-time OLLU employees included in the email that was sent.

The deadline to complete all training courses is Jan. 10, 2022.

Employees are assigned to complete the following NINE courses: 

  • Data Security: Phishing (10 minutes) 
  • Data Security: Malware (10 minutes) 
  • Data Security: Passwords (10 minutes) 
  • Data Security: Physical Security and Unintended Disclosures (10 minutes) 
  • Data Security: Mobile Security and Third-Party Websites (10 minutes) 
  • FERPA: Protecting Student Privacy (10 minutes) 
  • Understanding the Clery Act (15 minutes) 
  • Committing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Faculty and Staff (25 minutes) 
  • Title IX Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together (45 minutes) 

To begin training, employees are asked to follow these FOUR steps:  

  1. Go to https://learn.ue.org/Login2.aspx   
  2. Enter login credentials. 
  3. Username: @ollusa.edu email address 
    1. Note: Do not use @lake.ollusa.edu email address
  4. Password: Ollu2021!  
    1. Note: Password is case-sensitive 
  5. The first time logging in, the system will prompt to reset the temporary password and set a security question. 
    1. Helpful Hint: Change your password to be the same as the OLLU portal and email log in password. 
  6. Once logged in, employees should complete all of the training modules assigned under “My Courses.” 
  7. An emaill will be sent containing a link to the completion certificate, upon successful completion of each course. All are asked to keep a copy for their own records. A history of the employees’ completed courses is available in “My Completions.” The system will automatically document the completion so there is no need to forward the certificate as proof of completion. 

Tips for Completing Courses  

  • Pop-up blocker must be disabled for ue.blackboard.com. 
  • Ensure users’ computer meets all System Requirements specified here. 

Need Help?  

For any issues with sign-in or accessing the courses, or if the welcome email was not received, call Support at 844-348-3650, or visit the Support Site Learning Portal at portalhelp.ue.org for options to live chat or create a help ticket.  

All other questions should be directed to the OLLU Compliance Officer at compliance@ollusa.edu.