OLLU Social Media Guidelines

The OLLU community is encouraged to use social media to connect with various audiences, but it is important to remember that social media pages bearing the OLLU name are official representations of the University and should be treated as such. The Marketing and Communications Office has developed a set of social media guidelines to ensure that OLLU staff, faculty and students are properly maintaining OLLU-associated social media sites.

Some important things to consider:

  • Any OLLU group or office wishing to create a social media page must first notify the Marketing and Communications Office.
  • A staff member from the Marketing and Communications Office must be added as a page administrator or be given the account’s username and password to ensure that Marketing and Communications has control of the page should the original administrator become unavailable.
  • Know that Marketing and Communications will not edit or alter content unless absolutely necessary and efforts will be made to contact the current site administrator or department/office as soon as possible.

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