Soccer teams continue summer league for high school boys and girls

SummerLeague-GirlsThe soccer teams are holding their annual summer league for high school boys and girls. Nine boy’s teams are participating, while 13 girl’s teams are signed up. The summer league for boys continues July 10, July 15, July 22, July 29 and July 31. The girl’s league continues July 9, July 14, July 16, July 21, July 23, July 28 and July 30.  Schools participating include Burbank, Edison, Harlandale, Highlands (2), Medina Valley, Memorial, Sam Houston and Southwest on the boy’s side and Brackenridge, Brennan (2), Harlandale (2), Highlands, Holmes, Kennedy, Lanier, Memorial, Pleasanton, South San, Southwest and Warren on the girl’s side.  For additional information, click on the links below. Read full story online.