Graduates must clear holds to receive diploma during commencement ceremony

Students who will be graduating in May are required to clear all holds/balances by April 22 in order to receive a diploma during the graduation ceremony. Holds can be viewed in the Notifications section in the center column of the myOLLU portal. If a student does not have any holds, the Notifications section will not appear.

Holds can be placed for any outstanding debts owed to OLLU or any issues with the student’s account including unpaid balances on tuition and fees, citations from the University Police Department, fines owed to the University library, and charges owed to Student Life or Residence Life. Students should contact the office or department that placed the hold in order to pay off any balances or clear up any issues.

Graduating students who do not clear holds will receive a diploma jacket during the commencement ceremony and will have to clear all holds before receiving a diploma.

Note: Balances paid by check will not be removed for up to 10 business days from receipt of the check to ensure that the check clears.