Call for writing and art submissions to digital publication with focus on disabilities

The OLLU chapter of Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi), an international honor society for students with disabilities, is seeking submissions for its inaugural digital publication, “Coloring Outside of the Lines.”

The publication is seeking individuals who advocate or self-identify with disabilities, be it visible or invisible. Submissions should express the creator’s individuality and experience, be it theirs or someone they know.

Submissions are sought for the following categories:

  • Writing
    • Prose: up to five pages of nonfiction
    • Poetry: up to three poems submitted in one document
  • Art
    • 2-D art should not exceed 24”x 36”
    • 3-D art should not exceed 24” x 36” x 24”
    • All mediums will be accepted (i.e. wet, dry, print, photography, etc.) excluding video content
    • Art should be submitted in digital format (i.e. a photo of 3-D artwork) for consideration
    • If artwork should exceed these requirements, artists are encouraged to complete the application for consideration

Authors and artists accepted for publication will be invited to present their work during the Coloring Outside of the Lines: DAPi Publication Author and Artist Showcase on Friday, April 6, 2018, at 5:30 p.m. in Providence Hall, West Social Room.

To submit writings or works of art, complete the submission form and submit to by March 1.