Efforts to decrease egret population begin today

Efforts to decrease the cattle egret population in Lake Elmendorf Park will begin today. The City of San Antonio and the U.S. Department of Agriculture will be modifying the habitat of the birds by trimming trees and clearing brush. Workers are dressed in protective suits during the cleanup, but the work is not hazardous to those in the area. Beginning this evening workers will be using drones and flashing lights to discourage the birds from roosting in the area. An inflatable air dancer tube man (similar to what is used to attract attention at area businesses) will be set on the island, as well. After finals are over on Dec. 11, workers will begin using loud noises from pyrotechnics and sirens. The noise-making activities will take place each day for about two hours before sunset. The noise-making activities could go on for several months depending on the activity of the birds.

The efforts to thin the egret population are a result of concerns regarding the threat of bird strikes in the heavily populated areas between Elmendorf Lake and Kelly Field.