Plans formulating for return to campus

The following is an update for the OLLU community on plans for reopening the three campuses. As relayed in April, OLLU campuses will be closed through May 29. The university is extending that closure and asking for employees who are currently working remotely to continue to do so. In the coming weeks, a more detailed plan will be presented that outlines the steps the university will take to fully reopen. A three-phase plan for returning to campus operations is being formulated. While a start date for phase one has not yet been selected, one is expected by early June.

Phase One: Voluntary

Phase one of the plan will bring back about 15% of employees who wish to return to campus to perform their duties. There will continue to be the opportunity for employees to visit campus on an as-needed basis, as well. Information on how to volunteer to be part of phase one will be provided soon.

Employees returning to campus will take part in a screening process before proceeding to their workspaces. In addition, kits with supplies to help maintain clean workspaces will be provided to each employee. Finally, social distancing rules will be observed.

Each of the phases are designed to prepare the university community for returning to campus in the fall. Additional details will be provided for each of the phases as they are finalized.