Dates identified for phases approach to return to on-campus operations

Employees wishing to volunteer to return to work on campus as part of Phase I must submit this form by Friday, May 29, at noon. Those selected to serve as volunteers during Phase I will be notified via email by Tuesday, June 2. More detailed information and FAQs on OLLU’s Re-engagement Plan are available on the Employee Communications SharePoint site (login may be required).

To prepare the OLLU campuses for the fall semester, a three-phase plan for returning to on-campus operations has been developed and dates have been set for each phase. As the university community works through this plan, flexibility will be key. Assessments will take place during each phase, and adjustments will be made as needed.

The following provides an overview of plans. More detailed information and FAQs are available on the Employee Communications SharePoint site (login may be required).

Phase I – Voluntary Participation Stage

* Start date for volunteers: June 9

* Phase I will involve 50 employees volunteering to return to work on the San Antonio campus; members of the La Feria and Houston campuses also can volunteer to return to their campuses.

* Volunteers can be from any departments or offices and can be staff or faculty members; if more than 50 San Antonio based employees volunteer, university leadership will select the volunteers.

* Those not on the volunteer list will still be able to visit campus on an as-needed basis by submitting a request to by noon the day before the planned visit.

* Volunteers will take part in a screening process; increased sanitizing measures and social distancing guidelines will be in place.

* Those interested in volunteering should discuss it with their supervisor and complete the form at the bottom of the linked page (login may be required).

* Those selected will receive a confirmation via email.

Phase II – Additional 50-75 Employees Based on Role

* Start date: June 30

* Involves an additional 50-75 employees identified by supervisors; these will be selected based on meeting the needs of university operations.

* Employees involved in this phase will be provided notice to have time to make arrangements for return to on-campus work.

* Screening and sanitation measures will continue during this phase.

Phase III – All Staff Members

* Start date: July 21

* All employees will return to on-campus work.

* Employees who have concerns about resuming on-campus work should discuss them with their supervisor.

These efforts are designed to prepare for the fall semester that begins on Aug. 17. As stated above, flexibility will be necessary as we move through summer and into fall. 

Cooperation, creativity and compassion will be appreciated as this will be a very different summer for the university involving a great deal of planning and preparation to be ready for the fall semester.