OLLU celebrates International Housekeepers Week

People spend a lot of time and energy keeping their households clean, or those who can, pay a lot of money to hire someone to manage the many tasks necessary. Now, imagine being responsible for keeping more than 30 building facilities at OLLU clean. And, finally visualize what managing all those buildings in the midst of a pandemic is like – that is what OLLU’s housekeeping staff is doing.

Through Sept. 19, OLLU is celebrating International Housekeepers Week. The seven days will give OLLU the special opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding and heroic efforts of its housekeeping team and thank them for a job well done. OLLU takes pride in recognizing their hard work, showcasing how much they care for students, staff and faculty and honoring them for their perseverance through difficult times.

Housekeeping Supervisor Moses Porras (BA ’13), who has been at OLLU for 17 years, along with Assistant Supervisors Johnny Gomez and Mary Vasquez, lead a team of 22 who manage all the indoor facilities on the campus of OLLU. They are on the front lines keeping the university safe during these dangerous times. Visit the university’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for daily tributes to our housekeeping staff.

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